Our Prices

a) For Airtime and data
We offer discounts on the face values of all Airtime and Data products for each mobile network. Our discounts are as shown in the image. Details of Data plans and their prices are contained inside the MOBitooT app in the Help section. Read items 54 to 57. Our discounts apply to the advertized prices of all the data plans as sold by the Mobile Network Operators (MNO's).

b) For Bill Payments & Money Transfer
Depending on the product/service our bills payment fees are either N50 or N75 per transaction. Users who resell bill payment services are therefore to charge their clients a Convenience Fee above our Transaction Fee in other to earn from selling these services. More details in the Help section of the MOBitooT app.
Note: Our prices are subject to reviews and changes depending on the prevailing market situation.