Buy and sell cards directly from your mobile phone

About MOBitooT

Earn money using your mobile phone to sell recharge cards or etop-up and collecting cash for bill payment and money transfer. Connect to a bluetooth printer and print recharge vouchers and receipts.

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Using MOBitooT Application

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  1. How to request for a device?

    Click on ‘Request a Device’, complete the form presented, select the device type (Bundle 2 or 3) and submit.

  2. Which device do I request for?

    Depending on your personal situation i.e., you own a smart phone that you can conveniently use to install the MOBitooT App, you should request for Bundle 2, which is only the Bluetooth Printer. But if you need a smart phone for the business get Bundle 3. Bundle 1 is a POS terminal and only reserved for existing POS vendors of Voucher Net.

  3. How to register with MOBitooT?

    Download MOBitooT app from your Google Play Store or Apple Store, install the app and after opening, select the ‘Sign up’ Button, fill out the form correctly and completely, ensure you provide a functional alternate number and email address and submit. Do not enter false addresses. You will receive an activation code either by SMS or email to your registered details. Return to app, and enter the activation code received. After activation, you can then log in with the email address and password you provided during registration.

  4. How do I log in to MOBitooT?

    To log into MOBitooT simply enter the email address and password you created during registration. The password may be similar to actual email address and password, but MOBitooT does not access or log in to your mail box.MOBitooT does not allow the creation of 2 accounts with the same email address.

  5. How do I print an e-pin?

    An e-pin is only sold when you have a thermal Bluetooth printer connected to the MOBitooT app on your phone. To print an e-pin or e-voucher, select ‘Print e-pin’ from the MOBitooT menu, select the mobile network operator you wish to vend or sell. Select the denomination of e-voucher, the hit ‘SUBMIT’. If the denomination is available in the Voucher Net MOBitooT warehouse, you will be presented with a vend button. Hit ‘VEND’ and the voucher will be printed immediately from the thermal printer.

  6. How do I connect the printer?

    Please refer to the online help section in the MOBitooT app, under FAQs.

  7. How do I sell Virtual Top-up?

    Select the VTU button from the MOBitooT main menu, choose the operator, enter correctly the mobile phone number you wish to receive the credit. Be sure it is correct, as incorrectly sold VTU cannot be reversed. Enter the amount in naira without commas, dots or alphabets. Hit submit, then Vend.

  8. How do I make bill payments?

    Select the bill payment type i.e., Toll, electricity, TV, funds transfer or internet, complete the details in the form provided correctly. Select submit, you will see the actual transaction cost that must be received in cash from client. Confirm the details are correct, select vend, and you may then print the receipt of the transaction. Printing the receipt is optional but we recommend that you print one for your client. Be sure the Bluetooth printer is connected before starting a bill payment operation.

  9. How do I resolve a failed transaction?

    Please contact Voucher net’s care number(s) or send an email to info@ Voucher with the details. Date, time and transaction ID are very important.Or, send a private chat via telegram.

  10. Will I lose money with MOBitooT?

    You can’t lose money if you don’t make any mistakes with any of your transactions from your VTU to other bill payments. However, Voucher Net will not be responsible for mistakes, so you must ensure that your transactions are correct before submitting. People can lose money if they fail to report any issue that they have with failed transactions or wrongful debits. Voucher Net has 100% record of resolution of issues in the last 4 years (since 2013).

  11. Where do I find my list of transactions done?

    It is on the menu icon on the home page of the MOBitooT app. The last option, you will find transaction history, there you can trace your sales and profits. You also receive daily emails of all your transactions for the previous 24hours.

  12. Where do I find my payments record?

    You will Payment History on the option icon on the home page of the MOBitooT app, right before the Transaction History. There you can monitor all your payments into our bank account from your bank account.

  13. I don’t have a printer; can I print e-pins?

    No. You will need our Bluetooth Thermal Printer to be able to print E-pins and bill payment receipts.

  14. How do I make offline sales?

    This function helps you print e-pins when you do not have data for direct e-pin download from our online warehouse. It means you need to have bought or downloaded the e-pins on your phone so that they are available to you to sell or use even when you do not have data to connect to make sales. Go to Print e-pins, select download e-pins for Offline Sales. Select the MNO and choose the denomination you wish to download and the quantity. Hit submit and the pins will be downloaded and stored on your phone. To sell from what you have downloaded. Your wallet will be debited and you will see the products in your offline section of print e-pins. You can download multiple times as long as you have funds in your wallet. Voucher Net limited however advises clients against downloading pins for offline sales because this functionality is currently unstable.

  15. Why should I upload documents with MOBitooT?

    You should upload document concerning your ID and Address confirmation i.e., A utility bill containing your address, as soon as you register to create your account on MOBitooT. These documents are required for Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance purposes. Accepted means of identification are: International passport, Drivers Licence and/or National ID card.

  16. How do I fund my wallet?

    After logging into your MOBitooT account, you should see your wallet value as N 0.00. To fund your wallet, you must pay into a Voucher Net bank account or use directly your credit card from MOBitooT. To do any of these, you must use your MOBitooT payment code. Select the ‘Add fund to wallet’ link, then select either of the two payment options, i.e. ‘Pay into bank’ or “pay with credit card”. Your payment code is displayed when you select pay into bank account. You will find the list of Voucher Net LTD authorised bank account, copy the numbers for the bank you wish to use, go to your bank or mobile/internet banking platform and credit the account with any amount you desire to fund your wallet with. Remember you must always mention your payment code in the remarks or comment section of your bank deposit slip or internet banking platform. Payment with credit card enables you fund your wallet directly from a direct debit of your ATM card. A 1% fee is deducted from any amount you enter to fund your wallet with.

  17. What is my payment code?

    Your payment code is the alpha numeric info displayed on MOBitooT when you select pay into bank account option. It is in the form – VCNXXX, where XXX is any combination of numbers that is unique to your registered account with MOBitooT. It only belongs to your account. Do not make any mistake using your payment code. A mistake in your payment code will cause your payment to fund another person’s wallet.

  18. Who else knows my payment code?

    Nobody else except Voucher Net’s employees who has access to the Voucher Net’s server, can see your payment code. You may however share it with anyone making any payment on your behalf to fund your wallet. It does not compromise the security of your account or wallet with MOBitooT or Voucher Net.

  19. Which bank do I pay for funding wallet?

    You can pay into any of our bank accounts with the Account Name, VOUCHER NET LTD - First Bank 3086348215, - GT Bank 0160438854, - Diamond Bank 0059017292, - Zenith Bank 1013887417.

  20. Can I pay with my credit card and is it safe?

    Yes, you can pay with your credit card, and it is completely secured. Our payment gateway is integrated with, one of Nigeria’s foremost payment solutions provider with the latest and world-class encryption technologies.

  21. How much do I fund my wallet with?

    There is no minimum requirement for funding your wallet. It depends on your funds availability and your convenience.

  22. What is the minimum deposit for wallet funding?

    It is advisable to fund your wallet with the minimum of N5000 for business starters, but if you are an end user, you can try the MOBitooT app with at least N1000. But ensure to keep funding your wallet to keep up with the profit.

  23. When will the monthly N2000 for Bundle 3 be paid and how?

    The monthly N2000 will be deducted from your wallet at the end of each month when due.

  24. What do I do if my wallet is not credited after making a payment in the bank?

    If after 15minutes of effecting a correct payment into a Voucher Net account your wallet is not funded, please contact any of our customer care lines so that we can credit your wallet manually from our system, immediately.

  25. Where is Voucher Net Limited office Located?

    We are located at the Lekki Gardens Horizon 2 Estate, Meadowhall way (between the 3rd and 4th roundabout), off Lekki Epe Express-Way, Ikate Elegushi, Lagos state.

  26. What is your customers service number?

    We have multiple communication channels. You can reach us on 08175707178 or 08185076948. You can also chat with us directly on Telegram when you install the telegram app on your phone. You will be invited to join our Chat group upon installation and notifying us. You can also send us an email to info@Voucher or send us a message directly from our comments section in our website, www.Voucher

  27. Can I chat with WhatsApp or telegram?

    You can only chat with us using Telegram to talk to the customers service numbers. We prefer the use of Telegram since it can accommodate up to 10,000 users in a chatgroup unlike 256 on whatsapp. Voucher Net Limited migrated to using Telegram only for group chats. We are also integrating a live chat feature into our next update of the MOBitooT app so you can reach us directly from within the MOBitoT application.

  28. How do I get on your telegram forum?

    You will have to ensure that the Telegram app is installed on your mobile phone, then inform any of our customer service representative of the phone number you registered your Telegram account with so you can be added to the forum. You will be added to the Voucher Net Partner Forum on Telegram.

  29. Who is Voucher Net Limited?

    We are an innovative Electronic Voucher Distribution company that provides solutions for vouchers retailing and bill payment services. Please visit our web page on www.Voucher to read more about our products and services. We were incorporated according to the CAC act in 2013 (July13th) and commenced actual business activities in December of the same year.

  30. Download Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

    Customer Support Services Issues
  1. What do I do when I have a failed transaction and my account / wallet was debited

    Contact Voucher Net Customer Care numbers immediately with the Transaction ID. If you do not have a transaction ID and your account was debited, this is very rare and unlikely to happen. All the same, contact us with your
    a) Company name
    b) Date and time (approximate) of transaction
    c) Amount of the transaction (how much you were debited)
    You can contact us by email or by phone.

  2. What is Telegram

    Telegram is Voucher Net Limited’s preferred chat application available for free download from Google playstore of iOS apple store. It is free and has better security features than most other chat applications. We prefer it over all others and we do not use WhatsApp at Voucher Net. We encourage you our clients to install telegram on your phone, send us your telegram registered number and we will add you to our growing partners forum so you can chat with us on your issues for prompt resolution.

  3. Can we send messages to the Voucher Net Telegram forum

    Yes you can but we do not encourage you to do so. Our partners forum was created for us to send you our esteemed clients messages when necessary. You can however send direct messages to any of our customer care numbers especially when you have a problem with a transaction or you have a payment that has not been credited to your wallet.

  4. What is and who uses it? is a real-time live chat application that we have linked to our website We are also going to have it in the next version of MOBitooT so we can chat with you real-time and also create tickets for follow-up of your transaction issues. will eventually replace Telegram and will be the only means by which you can address your customer services issues.

  5. Where can I find the commissions on Airtime and Data top-up?

    You need to contact us via email to get this information. Send your request to

  6. Can I pay cash to Voucher Net staff for Voucher Net services?

    No. Voucher Net limited does not accept the payment of Cash to any Voucher Net employee. You will be doing so at your own risk. Voucher Net Limited has never authorized any employee to collect cash on its behalf. All payments must be made to Voucher Net Limited’s designated bank accounts that are available here on the website and within the MOBitooT and MOBiLinK mobile apps.

  7. Wallet Funding
  8. What do I do with the VCN Payment code?

    A: The VCN payment code is like your account number. It is a unique identifier which enables our employees and our system to identify your records. You must always use your VCN code whenever you are making a payment to any of Voucher Net Limited’s Bank accounts. By doing so, you wallet is automatically funded within 5 – 15 minutes of the transaction alert getting to our email address. We will however be releasing another update of MOBitooT which will make this process more seamless. The app will be made to “pick” your VCN Code whenever you want to make a transfer to any of our bank accounts.

  9. Why does your customer services ask us for payment justification?

    A: Sometimes, your payment transaction into our bank accounts do not reflect in our statement or transaction alerts are not sent out at all by the banks. In such cases, our customer care team do not have any information to justify funding your wallet. At this time, we require you to send us a proof (justification) that you actually paid money into our bank account. You will need to send us a picture via telegram or email, showing the transaction teller or debit alert you received (it must contain the amount, date and VCN code of the client as well as the bank paid into). With this information our customer care team will fund your wallet pending receipt of the actual alert.

  10. Why do I get less money than I paid when I fund my wallet with my ATM / Credit / Debit card?

    A: There is a 1% fee that you are charged by the credit card processing company. This 1% fee is removed from the amount that you pay to fund your wallet. It is not removed by Voucher Net but by the credit card processing company for their cost of transaction.

  11. Using MOBitooT App: Operations
  12. Can I transfer money from my wallet to another MOBitooT wallet

    A: No you cannot at the present time but this feature will be added to our next update of MOBitooT. Every owner of a MOBitooT wallet/app will be able to send money to another MOBitooT app/wallet using the VCN payment code. There will be a fee for all such transactions.

  13. What do I do if I did not get the Authentication Code when I am trying to enroll / create my MOBitooT account?

    A: Simply contact our customer care numbers and your account will be activated from our backend by the customer services team. You can then login with your email address and password that you created in the app.

  14. What are my commissions for bill payments and where can I find this information?

    A: Go to “How it Works” at our website then select “Bill Payments”. You will see a breakdown of the commissions that you earn for either Bill Payments or Funds/Money transfer. If you do not understand it, please contact our customer care team for clarifications.

  15. How can I get my statement of transactions?

    You can find your transaction history within the MOBitooT App. Simply go to settings → Transaction History and you will find all your transactions listed from the very first transaction to the last minute. You can also do this remotely from a desktop or laptop by logging into your personal dashboard. Go to and select client login. If it is your first time, simply enter your registered email address used to create your MOBitooT account and select : Forgotten Password. You will be sent a link to your registered email address with which you can reset you password. You can now be able to log in to your account using this link. When you sign in, you will be presented with your clients space and you can generate any report you want on your transactions from inception to date.

  16. How long does it take to resolve a failed transaction?

    It depends on the type of transaction and the service provider response time. We are able to resolve all Airtime queries within 24 hours. For bill payments, clients have to be a bit more patient as our customer care teams have to interface with the services provider (e.g. PHCN, DSTV Multichoice or the banks for bank transfer). Typically, these take time and our clients will have to wait sometimes over 48hours to get a resolution.

  17. Do I make a loss when a transaction fails?

    No! You cannot loose money with Voucher Net / MOBitooT. Every transaction can be tracked on our system. You simply need to report it to us and follow-up with us. You will either be given the service paid for or a refund will be made if the transaction failed and you were wrongly debited. The key is for you to report the incident to us.

  18. General Information
  19. How long has Voucher Net been in operations?

    A: Voucher Net was incorporated on July 13 2013. We commenced actual EVD operations in December 2013 with POS terminals which are not being phased out to give way to our Mobile app, MOBitooT.

  20. What is MOBitooT and how was the name arrived at?

    A: MOBitooT is Voucher Net Limited’s 1st transaction solution app. It was developed in August 2017 and has gone through 2 live updates. More updates will be released to add new features to improve user experience and add new services. The name MOBitooT was coined by the CEO from the words Mobile Bluetooth. This is because MOBitooT is a mobile phone app that used the phones Bluetooth technology to connect with our selected and customized Bluetooth printer to print receipts. The letter ‘h’ was eliminated from “Tooth” so as to distinguish it from the word “toot” as in the expression for a trains horn, which is what the CEO uses to express the speed with which we intend to surpass the competition.